Orchard Management

Independent orchard management services to oversee fruit growing on your vines, through to harvest and delivery to the packhouse of your choice.

Machinery Contracting

A fleet of well-maintained and certified orchard machinery that can get many orchard jobs done.

Harvesting & Cartage

We put a lot of effort into growing the very best crops we can, and as such we offer a complete harvesting service to ensure that the great crops we grow arrive at the packhouse in great shape.

New Developments

Developed over 100ha already and have large scale project experience. Come and talk to us about your vision and we'll help make it happen.


Edwards Heeney Consulting LTD (EHC) was founded in 2004 by Tom Heeney and Fee Edwards. Since then the company has grown significantly.

EHC has built an excellent reputation in the industry as a provider of quality Orchard Management and Orchard Contracting Services.

We are continually striving to achieve excellent results for all of our clients and our results to date are self-evident.

Each member of our team has been specifically identified and selected for the attributes they bring to the EHC team.

As orchard owners ourselves we know that the key to achieving great outcomes is by making sound orchard management decisions consistently throughout the growing season.

This coupled with providing a high caliber of suitably skilled and supervised staff will ensure the best possible kiwifruit is grown for our clients.

We have the capacity to provide any or all aspects of Orchard Management required to ensure a good result is achieved for the orchard owner.

Our team is committed to providing exceptional Orchard Management Services to Orchard Owners aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes for their orchards.

The decision to have EHC manage our orchard has proven to be a sound one. We are happy with all aspects of their supervision.

C McCarthy

Chriko Orchard